The Power Of Words

I will never get tired of saying again and again that words have been saving me for years and years. As long as I can remember myself, they have been that magical power, that accompanied me. I often find myself saying, that I am bad at sharing what is the most essential for me, but also I know that when it comes to writing, I share way more than those who can speak freely about everything that bothers them. Some people find it odd, I find it fascinating.

Yesterday I complained about not having enough time and opportunities to write properly during my trip to Paris. I had both little time and a very limited access to the Internet, so I said “I know that my texts have recently been very small” and what I heard back was “What? Small? No, they have been very big for me”. Big in terms of meaning, not size. Hearing it felt good, it felt great actually. It made me open my profile and re-read my writing.

Do you often re-read what you have written? Not before posting it or right after posting it, but a few days, weeks, maybe months later? When you do, there is such an unusual feeling. Sometimes you know exactly what you were talking about, and sometimes you see things you did not know were there. It is incredible!

As I was re-reading my texts, I kept on thinking — wow, writing is magical. Not my writing specifically, but writing in general. What it does to me, what it gets out of me…it is truly surreal. I write things I would never say out loud, I would not even be able to find words to explain if I had to do it verbally, but I managed to write it down, to explain, to share.

It seems like I will never stop being surprized by the magical power of writing, by its meaning and role in my life. Never ever, and I do not want to. I want to appreciate it more and more, I want to get better at it, I want to live it.