Virginia Woolf Was Right

As I was trying to write my yesterday`s post, which did not come out in the end, by the way, I kept on thinking “Virginia Woolf was right! Boy, oh boy, was she right”. It is not that I used to disagree with her pointing out that a woman needs a room of her own to write (and so does any man, of course), but I felt it extremely intensely at that particular moment.

I was at a hotel room, and a colleague of mine (not really, but let`s call her that way) was asleep. Yes, I woke up earlier than she did in order to have some time “on my own”, but it did not help as much as I hoped it would. Even though she was sleeping, she interrupted me anyway. Somehow her presence did not let me fully concentrate on what I was attempting to do right then and right there. Whatever I typed, seemed wrong. I did not like where I was going with it at all. So, I stopped. I decided I would do it later, just did not happen. Unfortunately! I hate missing days. As I was going to sleep, I kept on reminding myself — tomorrow will be another day, tomorrow will bring me another chance.

“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible”, ― Pablo Picasso.

Today I woke up at 6 am. It was my plan, but it was painful. It is now dark at 6 and almost still dark at 7. Also it has just become really cold (8 degress Celsius, to be exact). As a result, waking up early was very challenging. Of course, I considered not doing it, as I did not have to. However, in a way I had to, I owed it to myself. I knew there would be a busy day ahead of me, I knew I would have to manage quite a few things. Therefore if I wanted to actually write, I had to make it happen right now.

Here I am, sitting in my empty kitchen at 7:25 am writing about not being able to write yesterday, and feeling grateful that on most days there is such a luxury for me — a room, wheren no one bothers me, and silence to forget about the rest of the world and just write. Hopefully you are able to make this kind of sacrificies for your writing too. There is no other way to manage it. You just have to make time, you just have to make an effort and then write.