What Are You Doing This Weekend?

It is 7:35 pm on a Friday night and I am still working. Well, technically I am not anymore, but I was working just before I decided to have a break and write my post here. It is my way of letting my mind wander and having some rest. Saturday is so close, and I am extremely excited about everything I will be able to do on the weekend. The last couple of weeks have been very-very busy, and it seems like I have been running around as a totally insane lady. Moreover, I know that next week will be even more intense (it is a secret for now though). That is why on the weekend I am planning to be busy with doing things that make me a better and a happier person.

This is a to-do list that I am excited about:

  1. Write 2 articles for my blog. Usually I post twice a week (and almost never get two posts ready in advance), but I know that I won`t be able to write and edit during the week due to some very special work-related plans (stay with me, be patient and I will tell you all about it a little bit later), so I have to prepare everything earlier;
  2. Finally transcribe and edit an amazing interview with a graphic designer, who directed a documenary on Scandinavian design and aesthetics, that I did months ago for this web-site. You can watch the movie trailer here, and I have no doubt it will impress you. It would be fantastic to write an article for the same web-site too, but I have to be realistic;
  3. Do homework for my French class on Saturday and attend the class itself on Sunday;

Of course, there are other things that I will have to do, like cleaning, cooking, doing laundry etc, but I do not care. I do not want to think about them. I will do it, while listening to one of the podcasts I have been enjoying so much, and I will do them at the end of the days. Whereas, I will start my mornings slowly and mindfully doing the aforementioned things and being happy about it all. No matter how tired or stressed I am, right now I am full of gratitude for these parts of my life. Finally, I am happy to prove once again to myself (and, well, to others in a way too), that weekends can be very enjoyable without going out and drinking. They truly can, people!

What about you? Tell me about your weekend plans!