This is hard!
Sam Radford

YES! I like being the one who helps and supports too. That is the thing! Not only I am capable of it, but I also enjoy it. However, there are moments when an urgent need of help and support arises and then it seems unbearable, because..well, you have been doing it all on your own, so it is kind of a surprise that you need something too. ALSO, it is one thing when something wants to help and a totally different, when people don`t see/don`t know you need it. I hate feelinghelpless and even more than that realizing that I need an extra hand, but it seems so stupid to ask for it, because asking is such an issue. However, of course, I do realize it is something I need to learn or I will make matters worse for myself and others around me.

It is great that you have been getting better at it. Hopefully I will be able to say that too one day, because right now it is a disaster.