Showcasing and Strategy

Nearby evangelists, specialized help programs (geo-associated IATAO partner program subsidiaries) will get 1% of exchanges required with them.

Distinctive territorial pictures will have provincial rates suggested by the IUNGO (https://iungo.network) benefit passage, however every supplier will have the capacity to recover these costs by making a dynamic market. WiFi suppliers who pick IUNGO (https://iungo.network) will be furnished with industry-driving gear create measurements for business owners — retention, returning clients, utilization insights, estimation gauges, (web, https, email), swarmed data transfer capacity.

System FON

Fon is a transporter of WiFi suppliers and arepioneers sharing WiFi lodging. Fon Solutions offers WiFi items and administrations. Their administration arrangement permits specialist organizations to design, send and work their own WiFi administrations. Fon Network consolidates the impression of private and premium WiFi transporters that make an intelligent worldwide WiFi arrange.

Fon encourages between administrator WiFi interconnection, gives get to access to invested individuals, and enables clients to meander easily. Worldwide Fon customers incorporate British Telecom, Deutsche Telecom Group, SFR, Proximus, KPN, Cosmote, MWEB, SoftBank, Telstra, and Vodafone.


Boingo Wireless, Inc. is programming and Wi-Fi specialist organizations that make it simple, advantageous and practical for individuals to appreciate Wi-Fi access on their workstation or cell phone in more than 325,000 hotspots around the world. With one record, Boingo clients can get to the portable web through the Boingo Network area that incorporates the world’s best airplane terminals, significant inn networks and bistros, eateries, tradition focuses and metropolitan warmth zones.

Hotspot framework

Hotspot framework gives hotspot administration and charging administrations for organizations or people who need to give web access to their clients. Their Cloud-based Hotspot Management gives clients a chance to oversee boundless hotspot areas from a Control Center. All progressions are accessible in remote areas continuously.


This is an open WiFi for business arrangements. While giving WiFi to your visitors Without airfare, you are in charge of the activities of your visitors. Airfy is a web access supplier, in this manner not in charge of such activities. When you utilize airfy, you are sheltered from

legitimate dangers All your visitor information activity is steered securely to the web over the air billow of VPN servers Thanks to this innovation, you as a protected WiFi supplier. Visitors utilize the web as an airfo client, so you are not in charge of their activities. All you have to set up is power and web gives.


SOCIFI is a cloud-based stage intended for Wireless Providers to empower their system adaptation. SOCIFI is additionally ready to give nearby facilitating answers for big business foundation.

You won’t be mixed up if the IUNGO benefit passage operation looks fundamentally the same as Ethereal mining pool: you have a mineworker running a mining rig (get to point) that adds to work (offers access to the web) for the advantage of the pool (benefit entryway) . The pool administrator (benefit portal) receives the benefit for a mined square (portrayal). This model permits.

IUNGO organize work relies upon a few administrations.

At the point when associated with one of the IUNGO arrange get to focuses, a client’s cell phone may collaborate with some of these administrations notwithstanding when web get to is restricted. Administrations accessible. Access administration of all entrance point/site controllers will be matched with SGW’s. At the point when the entrance point or site controller is combined with the administration entryway (WGS84 data and road address in light of) area data from the site and a rundown of all BSSIDs of each entrance point in the place gave by the specialist co-op.

The CA Network will designate affirmation rights to the administration entryway to issue endorsements for site get to point/controllers The declaration life time is restricted to one month for get to point/site controllers and a half year for the administration passage. Renouncement of authentications issued by CA Network will depict all censured benefit portal testaments

The quick administration passage will run the hubs of the disseminated website registry, work office information, one to numerous cases of area seek administrations, authentication secretariats, online administration locales for specialist organizations and Ethereal IUNO hubs will give open convention portrayals to all interfaces utilized and double authorized open source reference all the product required to run the essential working of the administration entryway will be accessible to the individuals who need it to make a shut subsidiary.


The IUNGO crowdsale and the comparing token creation process will be sorted out around

brilliant contracts running on Ethereum. In Total 100 Million IUNGO tokens (ING) will be made.

Members willing to help the advancement of the IUNGO Project can do as such by sending Ethereum to the assigned address, or by contributing toss IUNGO stage. Thusly, they are buying IUNGO Tokens (ING) at the rate of 1000 ING per 1 ETH which will be sent to their wallet. Amid token deal a few rounds (Tiers) will be sorted out with various Bonus, Discount rates and

installment techniques.


Amid the Pre-ICO, members have a chance to get 3x token Bonus. Just 1,3% of aggregate tokens are dispersed along these lines, speaking to a phenomenal open door for early members. The Minimum speculation is 0.5 ETH while the Maximum is 50 ETH per venture.


. Product MVP conclusion

. Legal and Consulting

. Advisors group

. ICO advertising


Members willing to help the advancement of the IUNGO Project can do as such by sending Ethereum money to the assigned address, or by contributing toss IUNGO stage with different sorts of installments. Thusly, they are obtaining IUNGO Tokens (ING) at the rate of 1000 ING per 1 ETH which will be sent to their wallet.

Amid token deal a few rounds (Tiers) will be sorted out with an alternate Discount rates, installment techniques. IUNGO keeps the privilege to have extraordinary arranged arrangements and rebates for expansive stake speculators

Points of interest:

. The primary cash amid the token age occasion is Ether (ETH).

. It can be proposed to take part in different types of installments as well.

. Token Creation will be topped (“Soft Cap”) for 8 million INGs sold. This sum is liable to change before the Token Creation occasion.

. The Token Creation time frame will last till 31st of January 2018 or till all made IUNGO tokens will be sold.

. If the Crowdsale battle does not achieve its insignificant capital objective all assets will be returned naturally to the ING holders.

. Token Creation has a Hard Cap: after accomplishing this Cap, token creation will stop and no further commitments will be acknowledged. The Hard Cap is equivalent to 64 Million INGs.

. Tokens that are not sold amid the Crowdsale rounds will be consequently exchanged to the further financing rounds by the keen contract, and will consume toward the finish of token deal.

Add up to 100 Million ING

TOKENS FOR SALE 64%, 64 Million ING



Delicate CAP 8 Million ING

HARD CAP 64 Million ING

Level OF TOKENS FOR IUNGO FOUNDERS: 12%, 12 M (vested up to year and a half)



DATE OF CROWDSALE START seventh Of December, 2017

DATE OF CROWDSALE END 31st of January, 2018

For more information:
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