SyncFab — Manufacturing Supply Chain

Syncfab is a stage that alters the assembling by associating purchasers specifically to equipment makers! Syncfab make the world’s first distributed assembling inventory network. So buyers and makers will have the capacity to streamline the acquirement and store network forms, ensure scholarly properties, source, and track parts generation progressively and on-request.

What is Syncfab’s answer for loads in Today’s Manufacturing Processes?

Middle people and vast acquisition firms increment costs, don’t give Intellectual Property security, and make it troublesome for little trailblazers and medium estimated business to effortlessly source producing. SyncFab arrangement is; disposing of

middle people, using our Smart Contracts to streamline acquisition forms, taking out squandered work hours on miscommunication that prompt assembling botches or delays by sends asks for straightforwardly to makers that match the purchaser’s necessities on the Smart Manufacturing Blockchain.

MFG Token Powered Supply Chain

The MFG Token is an utility token used to compensate buyers and makers, influence installments, to ensure scholarly properties, advance trust and straightforwardness through the execution of shrewd contracts on the blockchain

Utilize MFG to make a special offer sale to boost producers for quicker and better valued statements

MFG steadfastness prizes can be offered for reliable reorders

Purchasers are qualified through a forthright MFG token duty

Producers can furnish rebates on the cited cost with MFG tokens

MFG Token Advantages

Advantages for Buyers

  • Cheaper and higher quality statements from the source
  • On-request acquiring, following, and reordering
  • Connect with a neighborhood system of screened makers
  • Secure exchanges and associations through keen contracts

Advantages for Manufacturers

  • Eliminate showcasing costs by having purchasers straightforwardly interface with your assembling office
  • Guaranteed installments through savvy contracts
  • Complete control of your valuing and capacities
  • Less cerebral pains of overhead and procedures to concentrate on delivering the best quality items

SyncFab Team
Jeremy ​Goodwin ​- ​Chief ​Executive ​Officer
Andy ​Tong ​- ​Chief ​Strategy ​Officer
Jay ​Ligda ​- ​Chief ​Technology ​Officer
Dennis ​Delgado ​- ​Chief ​Design ​Officer
Victor ​Nguyen ​- ​VP ​Product ​& ​Operations
Ben ​Gerstein ​- ​VP ​Marketing
Michael ​Santore ​- ​Head ​of ​Community ​Relations
Sharon ​Wang ​- ​UX ​Designer
Tam ​Du ​- ​Blockchain ​Engineer
Ali ​Zain ​- ​Blockchain ​Developer

Advisory Board
Mike ​Jones ​- ​Science ​Inc.
Gil ​Penchina ​- ​Ridge ​Ventures
Alan ​Safahi ​- ​ZipZap
Mark ​Crone ​- ​CLG ​LAW
Michael ​Wong ​- ​MUFG
Chris ​Cheng ​- ​Apple

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