VIONEX — Blockchain with based SmartHome system

The Vionex project expects to carry the shrewd home into the future, and into the piece chain made by a group of 10 experts, extending from structural architects, development engineers, computerization engineers, robotization professionals, IT specialists, advertising directors and therapists they will probably convey brilliant homes and room mechanization to another, never observed level.

How is the functions

Utilizing the application as the focal center point, proprietors can deal with their home, or control a working for an organization, changing everything from security to the warming and cooling of the property. The blockchain innovation is in charge of recording and sparing all activities that the proprietor demands, with each activity that is spared along these lines, the Smart-Home-System has the chance to learn and conform to these progressions if the usefulness is enabled — This implies on the off chance that you turn on your warming in the meantime day by day, secure the building or turn on the AC, the application will learn and adjust to this for you.

On the off chance that issues do emerge, the piece chain gives criticism which is shown specifically in the application itself, with the joining into the square chain, and through centralisation it implies that lone the right client approaches the controls, this guarantees most extreme robotization and security.

Why on the blockchain?

The utilization of the token is a solitary door that is coordinated into the majority of the Vionex items, with the group having the accompanying as utilizations for the tokens:

. Membership expense

  • Exchange expense
  • Commission for paid administrations in Fiat cash or VIOX tokens
  • Commission for intervention and client presentation
  • Money (methods for installment) for the buy of Vionex Smart Home
  • 10% markdown on buy of Vionex items with VIOX tokens
  • A 5% suggestion reward in VIOX tokens
  • Each steadfast Vionex client gets 3% of his yearly power charge in VIOX tokens.

They made the VIOX token in light of a dream, it must be feasible, secure, all around subsidized, expansion ensured and above all, work. These are key components to the strong establishment.

Distribution and budget

The tokens will be disseminated as appeared in their following infographic

The budget for the ICO funds is as follows

On the primary day financial specialists get 25% more VIOX, in the main week 20%, in the second week 15%, in the third week 10% and in the fourth week 5%, as with most tasks, it truly pays to get included early and get the greater rewards for your assets.


The Vionex project means to convey shrewd homes to the future and impliment the blcok tie innovation to give an extra level of security, and shopper rebates with the application as the single purpose of control for both business and home utilize.

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