The Worst Part of the Trump Tapes
Alaura Weaver

It’s such a difficult subject. On the one hand, we cherish living in a “open” society where relationships etc. are chosen by the individual, i.e. I do not forbid my teenage daughter to see boys or even consider forbidding her falling in love, whether it be in the neighbour’s son or daughter or whatever…

What can be regarding by the older individual like me as cherished memories, flirting with the opposite sex, has somehow become distasteful:

Not surprising considering young men’s upbringing and behavioural patterns.

Basically they are all born as Donald Trumps.

It needs a good portion of well-considered, polite and patient education by the parents to support the development of the man-child into a human being.

(School will not make any difference to the basic manner the man-child interacts with his surroundings.)

Watch the smut on TV, watch most Film productions and you’ll see the Trump everywhere.

Sounds silly, but most parents don’t have the intelligence needed to bring up children. They are too busy fondling their own souls…

Do we have to make it law to cover up the girls? Say, like in Islam, where the measure surely has something to do with the problem of trumps going after the girls. (see not- want not…)

Our Soceity has developed further, we think. BUT why are there so many trumps in the world?

We have a long way to go…

With macho-mad men like trump, putin, assad and all the rubbish in the media, it’s going to take a long time.

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