So It Begins - v2019.1.1

Time flies and it’s already January 2019.

I have prepared and written down a set of goals I want to achieve this year. Nothing fancy, it’s all about reading books, waking up in the morning and starting my own blog. I am not a good writer and English is not my native language but I want to do it so I can be better than the last year.

This blog will help me to improve my writing skills and share my knowledge and experience with people who will need it.

As it is very difficult to plan for a whole year I splitted my resolutions by month so they are more realistic and I can increase gradually my goals instead of being afraid of a huge list that can scare me. My January goals are:

  • Early bird — wake up early (at 6 or maybe even at 5)
  • Read at least 3 books
  • Write at least 3 blog posts
  • Exercise before job

This is it, not a big list but it’s mine..