Desire to return home

It’s me again, Anatoly Loktionov — a former vice-president of the «Rosneft» company as well as a cheater and a thief. I escaped Russian justice when fleeing to Great Britain, still I fully intend to come back to my motherland. Whole point is that British authorities decided to find out where my earnings to purchase the elite real-estate in London came from: those money to buy a pretty great apartment worth over 25 million dollars in the expensive district of Knightsbridge, for example. I couldn’t just tell them that I had stolen those money from the state-owned «Rosneft» via tricky illegal schemes and laundered it through the Swiss banks and offshore companies. Still I had no other way out as well — with the modest earnings of 2,5 million dollars which I officially got while being a top-manager of «Rosneft» I could afford to buy in the district of Knightsbridge nothing but the doghouse. So, I kept expecting the British authorities to reveal the truth one day and seize my wealth.

Needless to say that I was looking for the ways out most favourable for me. And decided to escape my criminal proceedings in Russia via «Titov’s list» — the initiative by the Presidential Commissioner for the Rights of Business-Owners. Thus I would manage to withdraw proceedings not in my motherland only, but in England as well, and to live the quiet life — it is the main thing I took all those risks and worked hard to think up all my criminal moves properly for.

It sounds ridiculous, but I pretended to be the political regime victim despite all those money I had stolen from the Russian budget — where else would I get all the cash to buy my abundant property from. Titov had a meeting with me and other fugitives in London this winter. Mass-media was that much interested in «Titov’s list», so I even decided to give an interview to one of the Russian high-rated channels. I said that despite my wealthy life in the luxury district of London I missed my motherland that much. And told the story of my earnings sky-rocketing in 2000s when I hold a high-rank position of the first vice president in the «Rosneft» company. Was it just a match? No, I don’t think so.

While concealing among other escaped businessmen I promised that I would set up a new legal business as long as I come back to Russia. Still, if someone wants to deal with me — that’s a good question. From the time I managed «Rosneft» as a vice-president and the company lost 1,3 billion dollars that went to me as a «bonus», nobody would willingly let me run another company as a top-manager. While since I double-crossed my partners in the apartment complex «Vysoky Bereg» project and slandered my colleagues from «Naftatrans» nobody wants to have business with me — starting a new company with Anatoly Loktionov is not even a question. Still I’m sure I’ll come up with something.