What I’ve Learned in Six Years as a Father

Today our firstborn turns six. SIX! I can’t believe how difficult those words are to comprehend. At times, it seems just like yesterday we were taking him home from the hospital (and swinging by Chipotle). Then at other times, those six years seem like 20 (those of you with children know exactly what I’m talking about :) ).

This week’s email from Peter over at Slow Hustle forced me to stop and think and really reflect on where I’m at and how great my life is.

Now, of course, our life isn’t perfect. It’s got it’s fair share of bruises and holes. Things aren’t always polished and firing on all cylinders. It would be nice to have more money, and it’s possible I could benefit from a little more sleep (among a gaggle of other flaws). But as I thought about Finn’s first six years on this earth and put myself in his shoes, I realized we could all benefit from using the lens of a six-year-old to view our life. The following list details what he’s taught me.

Things that matter:

  • Time
  • Attention to detail — not the detail required for perfection but the details around us like birds singing, the song on the radio (hopefully Wham! or Jason Derulo), the new art on a bridge downtown, and so forth
  • A steady supply of Nutella
  • Access to grandmothers
  • Bedtime stories
  • If you have a disagreement with a friend, talk it out

Maybe more important that the things that matter, are the two things he’s taught me that don’t matter:

  • Money
  • What other people think

So, while we hammer away at those emails before bed or schedule a few too many unnecessary meetings, remember this list and allow it to help shape your priorities.

Keep building, folks.