When Colleagues and Clients Can’t Relate to Your Time Off

Andrew Nauenburg
Mar 18, 2016 · 1 min read

There is so much talk and chatter about the importance of “taking time off” and the detriment to your health and relationships if you perpetuate the grind without stepping away. You can find evidence of the benefits of taking time off all over — in books, essays, and podcasts. The Slow Hustle Podcast is crushing this idea. I’m 100% behind this movement and you won’t find me arguing with the idea (even though I struggle to actually do it).

But what happens when you experience something that impacts your family profoundly like the loss of a loved one and your colleagues or clients can’t find the understanding to let you leave for a few days uninterrupted?

I’d argue that they need the time away to find mindfulness and to reset just as much as you.

Let’s take the time and put in the effort to act like the empathetic human beings we can and should be.

Andrew Nauenburg

Written by

Passionate Weirdo: Entrepreneur | Philosopher | Writer | @anauenburg

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