At MATL classes I have had the opportunity to learn a lot of good methods to teach in class. However, the Slam Poetry was the most enjoyable and challenging activity I have done at the university.

The process of creating a poem that could express my feelings and believes was´t easy. I had to work in it for almost 3 weeks, and change it a lot. But this activity helps me to not just improve my fluency — because of the necessity of speaking a little bit faster than usually, and in a rhythmic way, — but permits me to know myself better like what I like and don´t.

I decided to create a poem including an interpretation to Colombian Sing Language not because I know the language or I simply wanted to use it. The reason is that the poem express what some people, inside deaf community –the deaf, interpreters, etc., — make me feel when they criticize any advantage that is done in favor of the deaf community.

It is funny because I am doing a critic, but exactly is that what the Slam Poem let me do: Expressing my feelings in an artistic and more sensitive way. I felt so glad preparing the slam, and I wanted to share this in a medium post.

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