Julia Child: a role-model for lifelong learning

Julia Child’s picture from cordonbleu.edu

“We think too much of education as having a beginning and an end. We need to think about learning more iteratively and in milestones.” — John Leutner*

“Even if we were never able to publish our book, I had discovered my raison d’être in life, and would continue my self-training and teaching.” Julia Child**

“In order to really understand chocolate, I invited a Nestlé chemist to 103 Irving Street, and asked him all about the chemical composition of American chocolate, the best way for a home cook to melt it, and so on.” — Julia Child**

“(…) if your goal is to help people develop as creative thinkers and lifelong learners, (…) rather than offering extrinsic rewards, it’s better to draw upon people’s intrinsic motivation — that is, their desire to work on problems and projects that they find interesting and satisfying. — Mitchel Resnick***



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