September 24th 2015 — An interesting day

Today’s blog entry is actually about yesterday as it was a much more eventful day than today. So yesterday started with the average everyday 5:50 AM wakeup. I wasn’t too tired that morning as I had a buzz of energy. Soon I was at school, heading to English. During the entire block I was thinking about my riding lesson. I was quite excited as I was riding a new horse. Soon enough English was over and I quickly threw on my boots and chaps, running over to the barn. Soon enough I got there, and saw I was riding L. I walked over, said good morning to her and went into the tack room to grab her tack. Her saddle wasn’t there so I went back to the office and asked B.B. B.B. told me her saddle was in the shop so I used Edward’s saddle and girth. It took me a while to tack her up, I’m not sure why. I led her to the ring, and saw C.K. was teaching. I was happy as I quite enjoyed being coached by C.K.. In my lesson was H.G., A.U., A.?.. Soon I got on and C.K. showed me how to hold the reins since L. had double reins. We started off with just trotting around, sometimes doing sitting trot. Then we did a bit of two point practice still in the trot. Next we moved onto an exercise where there were two poles set quite far apart. We were to trot over the first pole and then canter the second. It took me a bit to get L. to canter. My heels were also sliding too far into the stirrup, I’m used to having a bit shorter stirrup so it made me work to keep them in the right spot. After that we went through a combination of four/five (can’t remember) poles. The first two/three were set as trot pole and the last two were set as canter poles. We were meant to trot through the whole combination. When I went the first time L. trotted the first but then accidentally cantered the last poles. CK. said this was okay and the second time we did it all in trot. That was the end of our lesson.

I’m quite tired now so off to watch some Oli White and ThatcherJoe videos!

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