The worth of a Promise

We have been making promises from the day we were born. But do you know the worth of a promise. What is a promise to yourself. A promise to you lover, family, your friends. How much is it. Can we calculate the worth of a promise.

You made a promise to yourself. You have all the power in the world to either hold the promise or break it. Don’t follow the promise. Don’t fulfill the promise. No body is watching. You can do what ever you like. Now You have made a challenging promise to yourself and it’s challenging. Now You are not sure about your promise. What’s your thought process.

We basically have two kinds of promises. The one that we make sure that it is fulfilled. The another is something that can be bargained. But how do you decide that. What goes in your mind during that time.

When we break a promise, we aware of it. We are aware that what we are doing is not what we thought, not what we thought. We think about it and then we try to set loose from it’s grip. So now can you decide the worth of a promise?

An alcoholic who has been sober for 15 years still fear alcohol. How is he able to do this. Due to promise that he made to himself ? How is able to keep the promise for so long. What is his secret. Doesn’t he get enticed sometime to get a taste, a drop of alcohol. How does he control his urge .

What’s his promise worth.

A person has been a chain smoker for about 10 years now. He has ,made plenty of promises to himself, to his loved ones that his smoking will come to an end. Sometimes on a new year ever or on his birthday or his loved ones birthday, he made promises to all. All the previous promises have gone to vain. No result. He is now fed up of smoking himself. He want’s to really quit it now. He made yet another promise to himself on a new year ever. It’s been a week since his last smoke. He seems pretty determined this time. To help the promise, to really quit the smoking, he has even forbid himself from seeing his smoker friends. It’s been a week since he last met them.

He has been avoiding his friends over this promise. How long do you think he can keep it. How long can he keep up with this. Not meeting your friends or literally changing your friends. Finding new friends. It’s a daunting task. Finding new non-smoking friends. But the question that arises is that, Is this promise worth this trouble.

What is the worth of his promise ?

I am trying to find a promise’s worth. You might find it odd. But somehow I deem it necessary. We all made promises in the past. We keep some promises and forgo some promises. I want to find out how and where they differ. Why ?