Everything is Different

Life is strange. Weird. Unpredictable. It never turns out how we expect it to. That’s maybe the spark of it. It surprises us when we least want to be surprised. Things change over time. Everything does actually. We get one closed door. One setback. And we think there is no future imaginable from here. And this is when life says ‘yeah right!’

How people come and go from our lives is a very interesting thing to ponder upon. We talk to people like they will never leave us. We stop talking to them like we never had a place for them in our lives at first place. Love sucks. We want a free life yet we strive to fall in love. Fall in love to get bound. There is a thin line between happiness and sadness. Like how when we laugh real hard we get teary eyes. That’s the beauty of this little thing called life. We like to be surrounded by people yet we need sometime only by ourselves

Tonight.There’s just one thing on my mind. If all of us want to be happy then why we hurt each other. If it was not meant to be love then why the promises. Why, despite of all the similarities, we are so different. Why we leave people who we know care for us the most. Why on a chilly winter evening sitting beside the window with a coffee mug is sometimes the most perfect moment. Why we miss summer in winters and then miss winter in summers. Why we love when we are so weak and then why we are weak if are capable to love. Why in a crowd of people that one face catches your attention. Why a simple ‘hello’ text from the person you adore sends shivers down your spine. Why the biggest failures sometimes mean nothing on the sound of a baby’s laugh.

We are moving on but we think of ourselves as stuck to the same place. How a simple song can bring back so many memories. How insults seem funny when you are with your best friend. How his smile can make your day. How she sleeps during a conversation and sends a ‘Shit. I fell asleep.’ text in morning. How a single bowl of popcorn is shared by the whole family.

We are moving too fast to pay attention to the simple joys of life.

Its just amazing how nothing changes day to day, but once we look back EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT.

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