How to Delete Unwanted URLs that Run Automatically?

While surfing the internet peacefully, many times you may be stuck with various unwanted websites while trying to access others. These unwanted websites can get you into malware infection or may bring various unwanted activities in your device. These kinds of websites or pop-ups are also used for advertisements but may also carry malware. The best thing you can do for protecting your device is preventing these unwanted websites to run.

Most of the times, you got these websites while accessing unsecured websites. You may get spyware in your device with those kinds of websites. If you want to get rid of these URLs then avoid accessing unsecured websites. Always open websites which looks reliable and if you are opening new websites then always use security software in your device. Restoring your system is also a good choice if you are feeling that your device is infected.

Provide layering to your device

Layering will help to boost the security level of your device. Your OS provides inbuilt firewall which can prevent unwanted URLs to access your web browser. Change your setting and get maximum protection so your device doesn’t have to face any kind of issues. For setting up the firewall; the first step is to close all running programs on your device. Now go the start menu and hit the control panel from the program tray. In the control panel, you will get the “Internet” option. Now hit the “default level” option to increase your device’s security level. Now tap the “Enable Protected Mode” option. Now turn on the firewall of your device. Again hit the Start menu. Then open the “Security Setting” button. Click on the “Firewall” button. Toggle it to “On”. Firewall prevents all unauthentic websites from accessing your network. Whenever you try to access any website; your firewall checks the URL and then load it. If the website is malicious; your firewall will alert you and halts the network which protects your device from getting any malware in your device.

Install a reliable antivirus in your device

Good security software crucial for your device so it can work smoothly. Antivirus provides various features which can help to prevent malicious URLs and pop-ups. provides various tools which help to protect the device from harmful URL such as safe browsing feature, personal firewall, VPN, URL sandbox, block pop-ups, etc. These features determine the URL and take action according to the nature of the website.

The personal firewall works similarly like your inbuilt firewall but at the advanced level. This firewall actively checks the entire URLs; if it finds any kind of suspicious activity of either side of the traffic (incoming traffic or outgoing traffic); it blocks the networks and alerts the user that the website you are trying to access can be malicious. You may need to access a website which seems suspicious to the firewall; in that case, you can turn off the firewall for accessing the URL. Don’t forget to turn on your firewall after completing your job.

With VPN, you can access the internet securely on unsecured networks. Most of the malicious activities over the internet are done under the unsecured network. VPN masks your IP address, encrypts your data, and sends it from a secure channel so no unauthenticated person accesses it.

If you are confused that the website you want to access is secure or not then always make use of URL sandboxing. With this, you can easily find out about the nature of the website without harming your device.

These advanced features provide good protection but you should also adopt security measures such as avoiding suspicious URLs, and public Wi-Fi, etc for reducing the chances of getting any kind of malware infection.

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