McAfee Antivirus key features

Anaya Sinha
Nov 7 · 1 min read
how do i install mcafee with a product key
how do i install mcafee with a product key

McAfee VirusScan may be an antivirus application created and maintained by McAfee, Inc. (formerly Intel Security and Network Associates). It is not available as a package but is included in Mc-afee LiveSafe, McAfee AntiVirus Plug along with McAfee Total Protection. Besides, McAfee and BSkyB produced the brand-name edition of the VirusScan “Sky Broad Band” program, offered free of charge to Sky Digital customers for broadband modem installations. McAfee LiveSafe integrates anti-virus and anti-virus software and capabilities.

McAfee Internet Security protects your laptop system and the most important information using anti-virus and anti-virus applications, dual firewalls, and network protection with chapters. McAfee WebIDIA in the online antivirus program.

Also, McAfee QuickClean finds and removes proprietary software, cleans system nonsense, files from browser buffers, and other unwanted files that slow down your computer.

McAfee Internet security attributes Malware security. Malicious software hits its camera.

Data protection protects your computer data from thieves and hackers Safe surfing.

Get alerts about files, links, and websites, avoid network strikes before they can happen.

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