How do Selfie Sticks Work

If you ever wonder that using selfie sticks could be difficult or it could cost you lots of money purchasing a selfie stick then don’t worry. Using selfie sticks for taking pictures is the new and the easiest way and people have been following this trend for a long time now. It can be quite confusing reading the instructions from the manual book that comes with the stick. It doesn’t matter if you selfie stick online india or purchase it from the market. However, the main thing to know about the working of selfie sticks is mounting your device on the selfie monopod.
Mount your device on the selfie stick
It doesn’t matter if you use a smartphone or a camera to take selfies. Always make sure to attach your device on the screw at the top of the pole. Then rotate it clockwise to tighten it on the stick and you’re done.
How to Use Selfie Sticks
When your device is attached to the stick, hold it from the bottom end where the shutter button is located to take pictures. Adjust the angle of your camera or phone and extend the stick to the length from which you wish to click pictures. You can also use the timer functionality or the remote controller to click the pictures.
Problems with Selfie Sticks
Battery Backup: Generally selfie monopod sticks with bluetooth connectivity, remote control that runs with a rechargeable battery are more likely to work for lesser time period as compared to the one’s with built-in bluetooth remotes. So make sure to pack an extra battery or going out with a power bank.
Device Compatibility: It happens many times that your device may not pair with the selfie camera stick. It that case you should switch off your device for 5 minutes and then try reconnecting it with the monopod may work. Also sometime smartphones do not attach on the stick properly because of the mobile cover which makes it hard to fix on to the stick.
Sticks Starts Bending: People those who use low quality selfie stick for selfie may face this issue. Mounting heavy devices may bend your stick. You can try looking for a better quality stick that do not bend when extend to its maximum.

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