How tempered glass screen protector is helpful for mobile

Thinking of purchasing tempered glass screen protector for your smart phone. Well it’s a good decision that you’ve made, but for those who are having trouble in deciding whether the tempered glass screen protector is worth buying, well don’t worry, I’ll help you out. Whether you buy tempered glass screen protector online or you purchase it from the market, there’s no point of purchasing one if you’re not aware about what does a glass screen guard does. 
Clarity: When you use normal screen guard the problem that you face is that the screen is no more visible clearly after few weeks. But not this tempered glass, it does not hinder the view or the screen does not fade when you take your phone out in sunlight.
Easy to clean the glass: It is really easy to clean the tempered glass. Just take a piece of cloth and wipe it off the glass and you’re done. 
Anti bacterial: Unlike standard screen guards this high quality tempered glass is anti bacterial. It protects your phone screen from germs and for those who are little worried about their health and are germ phobic, this tempered glass is the perfect thing for you.
Heat and water resistant: This tempered glass screen guard stands tall in top of its class, you don’t need to worry any more about cleaning your screen every times a drop of water falls on it. Yes, you heard me, tempered glass screen guard is water and also heat resistant. 
Smudge free: You don’t have to worry about those fingerprints and scratches on the screen because this tempered glass is smudge free which means no more fingerprints and those lame scratches on the screen. 
Durable: One thing what make this premium tempered glass different from other screen guard is that this glass is made of tough quality. It is 5 times stronger than normal screen guard and protects your phone from high impact damages. 
Price: If you’re looking for something cheap and owns a low priced phone then there’s no point of spending your money on this screen guard. This tempered glass is bit costlier as compared to that standard one’s, but trust me it’s worth every penny. If you own a big budget mobile phone then go for it.
Easy installation: This tempered glass is very easy to install, just as simple as you install a handmade mobile cover or a rubber silicone mobile cover on your phone. Just align glass on the screen before pasting it then that’s it.

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