(1) What is law?
Clemens Kaupa

Dear Clemens,

Regarding the challenge you gave, I am thinking about the rule/regulations on parking and traffic violations.

For instance:

(a) in New York City (NYC), there is rule on non-functioning traffic signals where “..the New York City Traffic Rules require that vehicular traffic facing a signal that is not working shall stop before entering the crosswalk on the near side of the intersection

(b) another example is fines imposed for administrative violations. Like, in NYC, “..failure to a right turn from the bus lane..the fine will be 115 USD for Manhattan 96th Street and 115 USD for any other areas.

Furthermore, still using the example of NYC, when the case of traffic ticket brought before the DMV Administrative Law Judge, the judge can decide the case with set of regulations and fines that are clear like the examples given in point (a) and (b).

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