Designing habits are hard. We understand their value. Unfortunately, few people have habits they consciously designed. Habits just seem to happen and usually not the ones we want.

New Years resolutions are the sad attempt at making habits every year, but why don’t they stick? Why isn’t everyone walking around with 6 pack abs by March? But that’s exactly the problem. Everyone wants their habit to be building 6 pack abs.

This year, I started running. My first run was on January 4th, with the goal of running every day. It sure sounds a lot like a New Years Resolution, and pretty lofty, but I certainly didn’t think of it that way. The key difference as to why this worked and my other attempts didn’t, isn’t because I put it in a different mental bucket than ‘New Years Resolution’. …


Alexander Bennett

Designer. Maker. Seattle soccer aficionado. Currently prototyping the future @Microsoft Envisioning

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