A white person’s “time and effort” frankly isn’t enough, and is not worth more than the time and…
Amber Arcadia

But the problem with that, is then we just keep making the same mistakes. As a white person, I have actually spent quite a bit of time trying to educate myself on race and privilege. (No, before you say it, I am not asking for any cookies) I try to do my part to educate other whites because I care about racism. In my view, anyone who cares about racism will try to educate other people about it because that is the only way to end it. I understand that it sucks to be put in the place of trying to fight the dominant culture and it is tiresome. There are lots of different types of people in the world that have different views from the white dominant culture and the average person will never be able to realistically be able to educate themselves on all of those different views. It isn’t just about black and white culture. We assume people are able bodied, cis-gendered and straight as well. There are so many things that people need to be educated about and I see far too many people saying that it isn’t their responsibility. I will never say that I don’t have to educate people about gay rights because I am a lesbian and straight people should do that themselves. That is self-defeating. Sure straight people should also educate other straight people, but they aren’t going to do it if I just sit back because then it seems like it isn’t important. Calling ignorant people dicks (assuming that the person is just ignorant), doesn’t help educate them. It makes them defensive. The best technique I have come up with is to partially agree with the person, saying that “seems” good or right and then show them how it isn’t — like this article did. It really makes people listen more. You get converts, then you get more people doing the work for you!! :)

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