I find it hard to believe that any rational person actually believes feminist scaremongering like…
Douglas Milnes

The number sounds fairly reasonable to me given the number of women I know who have been assaulted. I am not sure how you think women can avoid being raped. It isn’t like we can avoid being in places where there are men….

Of course there is a problem of false accusations resulting in young men being expelled inappropriately, but it is also really hard to prove you have been raped. Most women don’t report it because you end up going through a hell that can be worse than the actual rape itself. I don’t know that these is any good way to protect the women who are raped. It is a complex issue with everyone coming away as a loser. If the accusation is real, the woman has already lost. If the accusation is not, then the man has already lost. Just the process to determine “justice” is brutal no matter what the outcome is.

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