Find out how multi-billion dollar payments are processed & managed by an e-commerce company like Groupon. This three-part article series will take you through the complexities involved in managing a robust payments platform.

Written by Anchal Jijhotiya and Prashant Ranade

Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) is an experiences marketplace that brings people more ways to get the most out of their city or wherever they may be. By enabling real-time mobile commerce across local businesses, live events, and travel destinations, Groupon helps people find and discover experiences — big and small, new and familiar — that makes for a full, fun, and rewarding life. Groupon helps local businesses grow and strengthen customer relationships — resulting in strong and vibrant communities.

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Global Payments Platform Overview

Payments at Groupon are powered by Groupon’s Global Payment Platform (GPP). GPP supports more than 15 different payment methods and all popular card variants globally. The payments platform complies with all the regulations mandated by governments and regulatory bodies in countries where we operate. We were at the forefront of being 3D Secure 2.0 …

Anchal Jijhotiya

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