Artificial Intelligence: Blessing or a Curse for a Recruiter?

TheRecruiter as I call myself, reading below article not only put me in bliss for technology advancement and less workload but alarmed me for what I envision it to be TheRobotRecruiter.

Article talks about AI tool — “assistants” which will cater towards candidates experience. Music to recruiter's ears? Tool called “Mya” would automate communication with the candidate during the application phase. Answering questions about job requirements — initial phase. Automated questionnaire with the candidate saving recruiters time and redundancy to ask same questions.

IBM Watson in limelight for improving HR inefficiencies, building knowledge. For recruiters — prioritization of requirements to be filled.

If this this get your attention yet, Article talks about Candidate Interview process (Video Experience) judging emotional intelligence and truthfulness. Reading this — I pondered if “Skype Corporate” Accounts would face a decline for all the Video Interviews? This technology gets rid of my every trouble to identifying true resume, true profile, genuine candidacy.

Video Interviews: Reading emotions!

I was thinking what other problems I have in my work day — There it is in next element of the article. Handling passive candidates. That old pipeline — all recruiters have. How do those candidates become an asset and I gauge their attention? AI helps in engaging those candidates — Tool (EngageTalent).

Now, lets get back to the “Now”. AI software is driven by data. Retrieving good data (historical) would be crucial. “Good” meaning non-biased, best practices. I wonder if AI is too far from overcoming this danger of software learning only what is given.

Below article was an enlightening read — Makes you wonder “What is next”!