Digital Era Impacts Talent Sourcing

This blog targets how sourcing has tremendously changed due to massive digital growth. I found this to be interesting for being an IT recruiter on how going to the same job board portals like LinkedIn, Dice, Monster etc does not have the same talent grasp as it used to. Emailing does not bring tons of talent/resumes/profiles back. Several consumers (candidates) prefers having an mobile app. Everything is quickly viewed on mobile for a quick glance. Content for digital era is must. What do you really write in the email or subject line to get the candidate to respond back with a resume.

Candidates to respond via 5 second open email

Being able to tell a candidate about the company and culture is old school. Candidates research the company read reviews on Glassdoor prior to even making a submission. No more one size fits all emails messaging. It has to be personalized. Blog really helped me understand the market is just not active passive candidates but semi-active — Semi passive.

Candidates checking reviews/ratings: Company’s reputation matters!

Digital era of crafting messages differently. Learnt that instead of just posting a job candidates also look at how long the job has been in the market. This blog made me understand key elements that I can use in my day to day work life.

Sourcing with Social Media