Sep 23, 2017

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Smart Watch: It’s High Time You Had One

Watch — A fancy, tiny timepiece to alert your day, and the safest thing you can buy without worrying on the sizes or the price tag (unless you’re a Rolexian or TagHeurian). Back in the 80s, it was every kid’s fetish to wear a watch to school, all the more fun if digital. It was a luxury in our simple lives where there were no rushes nor deadlines. It seems now outlandish to have lived in an era of zero urgency and utter calmness. Haha:)

Talking of History, the technology behind the earliest pocket watches until now, has been through ample progressions without much ado. Surprised? Yes, the first wristwatch was worn by the Queen of England, Elizabeth I in the 16th century even before Computers came in. Indeed, Time has travelled a lot !!! With the new age buzzwords ‘smart’, ‘data’, ‘digital’, Watches are also progressing into wearables and I can assure you, your wrist time in future will last longer than a glance.

Smart Watches:

The market today for smartwatches is picking up. They are way more advanced compared to the 2010s integrated with mobile apps and Web OS in addition to the basic heart rate monitors, activity trackers, and calorie counters.

Sure enough, these ‘watch phones’ will be the second screen to our already disrupted lives of mobile notifications. And it is not cheap either. Is it really worth the buy? Do we need a watchbot? Keep up the pace and scroll down for more.

The age of Sousveillance:

A stalker for your own self. Wiki defines Sousveillance as the recording of an activity by a participant, typically by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies. Yes you heard it right, Sousveillance can be a subset of surveillance, and with these tracking devices, you are becoming your own spy. Hi there, James Bond.

In the smart ecosystem, you are aware of everything you do. And your whole existence is recorded. There are chunks of data about you. Are they really useful? maybe or maybe not. But for certain, the comfort level with a smaller, portable watch, is much better than holding the phone for hours and unlocking for every alert.


Do you feel all fit, healthy and happy? if you do, type a CAPTCHA and prove you are not a robot. lol;) True enough, urbanites are tuned to do anything labelled healthy. All the more reason for you to join this smart bandwagon.

Fun fact, my smartwatch tracked my sleep into stages as REM, non REM, light, deep sleep all the while me dreamily dozing off on the same old bed I had for years. Thank you, tracker, for pointing out I had poor sleep! I am figuring out now ways to reach your targets.

So the plus part, with these wearables, you can stay active, count your daily steps and keep your body fit. You might even take a double take to order your favourite frappe. But how far will it improve your overall health and lifestyle is quite debatable.

Productivity Tool:

Missing deadlines? Then this is your best bet. Schedulers, alarms and calendars can assist you on the go. At office meetings, you can avoid the awkward glares you get now while sneak peeking your phone every 2 minutes. With Emails and texts at your finger taps, you get better “connect

Can Smartwatch be the future corporate tool? chances are they might be.

Microsoft has plunged already with its Apps packaged into the Apple and Android wear. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and the Pebble smartwatches also allow users to perform Salesforce-related tasks and notes at Evernote to clinch those sales deals.

I guess in future, we can expect Project PPTs rendered through watches and lessen the need for laptops and tablets. Business owners and enterprises might as well engage wearables into their work culture. Let’s wait to see.

Fashion Trendsetter

The earliest smartwatch models released were either chunky or lacked style. It was way more embarrassing to sport in public. Maybe the makers were too stubborn to serve function over fashion. Glad these designs have evolved and the big players took notice of it.

On the style quotient, Google’s Android Wear is starting to catch up. The Apple Watch will remain the wearable of choice for their brand loyalists.

Besides these, traditional watch industries like Fossil, Mondaine, Casio have upped them with their ‘Hybrid Designs’ that are both chic and smart. Fashion and Form is getting fused with even more luxury options (including diamonds) for the style crazy and no longer out of place in this industry.

Worth the Buy?

Smartwatch serves more than timekeeping. However, it is prone to get software issues, bugs, hardware failures and needs charging once in two days. Note down, there can be extra costs for accessories. The price too varies largely. You can get a cheapest at 50 bucks and go way higher 1000+ based on the brand you select.

The recent entry to the market is the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 priced pretty high at $1,650 (£1,400). The Swiss makers believed if 56,000 people bought their model, then the cost might be worth it this time.

On the whole, a competent digital watch, unless fully used, will be just another digital device with overwhelmed functionalities.

I’m not a smartwatch techie to describe the technical excellence nor recommend the best in town. But I have been using for a while and would say for sure, smartwatches are awesome. If you have plans to buy one, don’t hesitate and go for it. The clock is ticking!!!

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