Ahoy there, mateys!

Hello, @Medium, we believe, some introductions are in order. We’re the ANCHOR.TRAVEL team — a small yet very ambitious and aspiring startup for booking yachts online. However, that’s not quite the point — our idea behind this blog is hardly about advertising but is rather to share our sailing stories and stuff we ultimately had to go through while developing our project.

So welcome aboard guys! Hope this journey will turn out to be as interesting for you as it is for us! Your crew will be:

Sergey: ANCHOR.TRAVEL’s founder, CEO and major evangelist behind our project. Probably the only guy in the team who doesn’t have a beard and can create a decent impression with his looks. Professional skipper with 5 years of experience.

Stan: project’s co-founder. Paranoid beyond any sensible reason, spending most of his time tweaking user experience aspects of the service.

Yegor: software engineer and one of the first guys to join the crew. Ruby, rails, system architecture — mostly hardcore stuff, you know.

Igor: our front-end developer. He’s the guy responsible for implementing designs and making sure that the final result doesn’t cause severe eye-bleeding with our customers.

Andrey: marketing guy. The poor bastard in charge of spreading the news about the project whatsoever.

We also have some guys behind our back, who’s names we can’t publish. But we never forget you, who were with us in these hardest times, when we were on very early stage. Cheers, our brothers in arms.

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