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Nov 11/3/2018; Original Blog from Fidelity Digital Assets on 10/15/2015

Custody in the Age of Digital Assets

The market for digital assets has evolved dramatically since the release of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper nearly ten years ago. Without a doubt!

From Bitcoin’s origins as a peer-to-peer system of value transfer to the development of smart contracts and countless other blockchain applications, cryptography-based digital assets have become one of the most disruptive and revolutionary technologies since the advent of the…

Keys to Financial Freedom and a Modern World For Modern Assets


As of today’s publish date, October 31, 2018, which marks the 10th anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin whitepaper, the “crypto markets” are looking anemic at best, and still, we couldn’t be more excited to participate and support the maturation of the underlying token technology and the bourgeoning use cases, most of which, early on, will remain infrastructural by the very nature of disruptive industrial technology. Much like the adoption of the internet in the late 1990s, infrastructure formation requires global solutions and shared standards. …

Gathering information has been a long goal for visionaries and leaders. The purposes have varied but the general premise is the same: information allows certain degree of prediction. As humans we are prediction machines, the capacity to understand the information that we sense allows our survival. With our increasingly complex technology, first language then farming writing and coinage. Our capacity has increased beyond our mere bodies to a whole new level. Plato called it the Ideal World. That ideal world has evolved from a simplistic perfectionist approach to a realm upon which we can plan our destinies.

Now we can…

A world apart from traditional finance.

What is first-party custody and why does it matter?

In crypto, you have a concept called first-party custody, which is to say that you own your own private keys. In this arrangement, you are responsible for recording, storing and keeping your crypto assets safe. In exchange for this safe-keeping, responsibility comes the benefit of control, authority, 24/7/365 access, faster transaction times, lower to potentially no fees, and anonymity. For anyone with more than one wallet, this is no easy task. More on this later.

What is a Hard Fork?

A hard fork on the blockchain occurs when a material change in protocol is required, causing a split in the chain. If the super majority agrees with the new protocol, the crowd moves to the new split chain asset and continues mining as if nothing ever happened (save some protocol implementation hiccups). When in agreement, there is no new chain formation. If the super majority does not agree with the new protocol, there is a period of implementation that must pass to monitor support of the new chain protocol. If certain mining support thresholds over the time periods are met…

The Setup

Digital assets are ripping. Overall market capitalization for the entire space is now $176bn. Digital assets are well over $100bn in additional value from the lows of $67bn in July 2017, representing a +62% broad based increase.

Digital assets are ripping. Overall market capitalization for the entire space is now $176bn. Digital assets are well over $100bn in additional value from the lows of $67bn in July 2017, representing a +62% broad based increase. Prior to, and through Ethereum’s peak price of $414.76 back in June, we have seen an explosion of growth amongst token driven projects based on Ethereum’s…

What is Tokenomics?

Tokenomics is the economics of a token driven technology, otherwise known as Blockchain. Within blockchain, there is an entire ecosystem driven by traditional economic factors such as supply and demand, as well as a many other factors unique to blockchain. Tokenomics is essentially the practice of coupling traditional economic factors with the idiosyncratic factors presented by modern blockchain protocol. The most obvious economic difference is the application of alternative payments called crypto currencies (digitally programmable money), which has been mentioned often in main stream media, as most people have heard of the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Beyond the concept of…

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