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Don’t wait, grab it when you see it!

Few days ago I found out that Global UGRAD program in Serbia is cancelled. That’s the program that sent me to finish one year of college in the USA. That’s the program that influenced me and changed me so much. Through that program I grew, I became a better person, I developed and learned so much.

Few years ago I wasn't sure whether I should apply for it. I was in a long relationship which I didn't want to leave. I had friends here; I was doing fun things, why would I want to leave? There would be other opportunities, I was telling myself. When the last chance for me was approaching based on the program requirements, I knew deep inside me that that’s what I wanted. I made a decision, my desire got stronger and stronger as the deadline approached, so I sent the application. I got the scholarship and it changed my life.

I finally saw what the real high quality education looks like (in Serbia, we don’t get that). It might sound funny, but I saw what it’s like to use books which were printed in the current year and to get interested in the subjects I am learning about because of the way they teach it. I traveled to places I dreamed of visiting, expanded my views, challenged my perspective and my thoughts.

Little did I know at that time that program was going to be cancelled, or that it would change my life in the way it did. Looking back, I realize how lucky I was to have made that decision instead of letting the fear of the unknown get to me. Many students won’t have the same opportunity anymore. If I have waited longer, I wouldn't have it either.

As someone who realizes the importance of using the opportunities available to you, I am telling you never to let the comfort of your life get in the way of your further self development! Don’t get trapped in your comfort zone for that is not where growth will happen. Don’t get into thinking “There will be another chance”, “I can postpone this until next year”, “I am not sure, I might not get it.” The truth is: there might not be a second chance for the same opportunity. Don’t wait, grab it! Yes, you might not get it, but at least you won’t feel guilty for not trying.

If you apply and not get it, you might feel disappointed but at the same time relieved because you know you tried, and you will move on without regrets and search for other things. If you don’t apply, you will always have this “Maybe I would've got it if I tried” thought on your head. That’s not something you want to live with. Trust me.

One of the most important ingredients you will always need when you apply for anything that you wish is – courage.

Yes, there are many other people who want the same thing, there are people who might be smarter or more competent than you are and also the competition might be very strong. But if you don’t believe in yourself, how can anyone else? If you try, there is nothing that you can lose, but if you don’t, you might miss out on something that can change your life. Have the courage to do what scares you. “We must travel in the direction of our fears.”

Part of TEDxUMN marketing team I was in.

Having said all of this, I am using this blog post also to apply for a position Community Manager at Pioniri Communications. I saw the opportunity and I will not walk by it without trying to get it. So, if you liked the post and if you want to support me with my job application, click the recommend button, like it and share it forward.

After you have done that, do me, you and the world a favor and go grab the opportunities you like! Go after your dreams because only the ones who chase their dreams are the ones who will reach them!

Thank you!

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