When to Lay Instant Turf in Melbourne?

Instant Turf in Melbourne

The wonderful thing about instant turf in Melbourne is that the common varieties available have been established to thrive in our fluctuating weather conditions. Years of research and development have perfected some outstanding and genetically pure instant lawn varieties. When to lay instant turf in Melbourne is a natural consideration for many looking to add turf to their property, however the answer is that the success of a long-lasting lawn does not necessarily depend on the time of year it gets laid.

If you have the option to decide when to lay instant turf on your Melbourne property, choosing to do so in Autumn or Spring in order to avoid intense temperatures is recommended but not essential.

In Melbourne, instant turf is widely used throughout the residential and commercial industries. Often, property developers, landscapers and homeowners are not able to plan their projects according to seasons, and need to select the appropriate instant turf variety to suit their current and future requirements.

Reputable instant turf suppliers throughout Victoria and Melbourne sell turf varieties which stand up to all seasons. This includes; Eureka Kikuyu turf which is hardwearing, rich in colour and texture and requires little maintenance; fungus resistant and drought tolerant Sir Walter DNA Certified turf; RTF Tall Fescue grass which is perfect for laying in winter conditions, and the fine-leafed Sir Grange lawn variety which is a year-round top performer.

If you have the flexibility to lay your instant turf whenever you please, the best option is to visit a nearby turf grower to see which lawn variety appeals to you. A specialist lawn grower will be able to offer honest advice and priceless knowledge to ensure you make the best decision for your property. Choosing the right lawn variety will benefit you for many years, and for this reason it is worthwhile following the professional advice of your chosen turf supplier in Melbourne.

The question of when to lay instant turf in Melbourne is important, however ensuring that the lawn is well laid, nourished and maintained in its early stages is essential regardless of the time of year. Common turf varieties tend to require little maintenance, however timely feeding, mowing and watering will help to affirm quality, deep roots and the best possible looking lawn.

Ultimately, the aim of laying an instant lawn is to enhance an outdoor space. Don’t be put off laying your instant lawn by extreme temperatures, rather benefit from your turf supplier’s experience and expert tips. Call 1800 010 110