On this day of the 20th of July 2022. The President of And Meta wrote.

Andrew felt the world’s weightlessness thousands of times throughout his life, and smiled when the answer came to him.

God!, my name is Andrew, I am Age 15 and have two weeks to study all my coursework, sit my exams and pass.

Andrew realised God was always with him, caring for him, and believing in every step Andrew took.

One day God said without word, Andrew, I will never present a Task to you, that you can’t achieve unharmed.

A life of enlightenment, probably before Andrew was conscious of the World that exists.

And God without word. Son, are you ready now?

God smiled at Andrew. And Metaphysical.

Published on the 20/07/2022 by Mr Andrew. O.E. Nakpodia-Jehwo



And-Meta ™ Metaverse

And-Meta ™ Metaverse

And-Meta ™ is an offline Economy, a huge construction of Mathematics, where Subscribers become Citizens to Mine for economic improvements in exchange for Money.