The highs and lows

Yay for dancing! :) Way to go! Did you enjoy it?

And i`m SO sorry to hear about the theft! But yes, when i was a Freshman i was warned that there actually might be pickpockets on buses. So, please, take care. My groupmate used to have a kind of a tiny bell on her purse, said it was a protection agains thieves. Don`t know if it really helped, but might be an option.
As for falling asleep during lectures, maybe the problem is in time-management? If yes, here is a good video that may be helpful:

And concerning Chinese, don`t worry. The first year is very busy, so maybe it is really not a good idea to start learning one more language right now. But the second year is a bit easier. So, perhaps you can take up Chinese then, and enjoy it to the fullest :)

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