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On Tuesday night, my roommates, girlfriend and I played a game called Utter Nonsense!. The game is similar to the popular game Apples To Apples. In Utter Nonsense!, there is a judge for each round to make a decision on who gets a point. What the judge bases their decision on is whoever can preform the best accent with one of their respective cards (the accent is what the base card says, i.e. Australian). After the judge decides the winner, the winner becomes the judge for the next round.

I did not plan to play this game at all. Weeknights are usually dedicated to homework for me. However, I was in class until 8 PM and decided I needed a break so I asked my roommates and girlfriend if they wanted to play. This was our first time playing this game and it was actually really funny. One of my roommates found this in a dorm room closet while he was painting this summer. I usually don’t play board games like this just because they can feel too slow but I thought this one might actually be fun for us, which is was. I also learned I need to work on my accents.

Mind Map (Image)

I made my mind map directly on the software with no paper.

Mind Map (Digitization)

I made my mind map directly on the software with no paper (image above).

Suggested Themes

  1. Diet Plan: After playing sports for my whole life and being extremely passionate about them, I knew I needed to research proper diets to be successful. I found that there are a lot of horrible articles that go against science and have no basis of credibility, yet that is what a lot of people follow and pass around. There is a need for people to know the truths about diets so that they can live healthier lives and/or meet goals in regards to their body and health.
  2. Body Image: A lot of people have a twisted sense of what their body should look like and this is due to many reasons. There is not much help growing up that talks about whats realistic for people for males and females.
  3. Depression: It is a dark topic that people who are affected by it hide it and don’t like to discuss. Males with depression often feel that they cannot talk to others about their feelings because it’s not acceptable to society. There is a need for an outlet for people like this to discuss and get help without feeling “ashamed”.

10 Silly Ideas

  1. Curvy Casts: Casts that take advantage of your broken bones to restructure and heal to become curvy. Neat!
A Patient and His New Curvy Arm Cast


2. Mean Diet Refrigerator: A “smart” refrigerator that sees if you are going against your diet and calls you mean names in hope that you don’t eat that slice of cake.

Functional TVs Act Like the Eyes and Mouth


3. NFL Concussion Simulator: A fan favorite on Sundays. Link up to your favorite players helmet sensors via bluetooth and experience the skull crushing hits they do with this awesome helmet.

A Fan Experiencing Adrian Peterson Fighting For a First Down


4. Stress Level Watch: A watch that has the ability to detect your stress levels and then plays inspirational quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The worst thing I can be is the same as everybody else. I hate that.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger


5. Work For It 2000: Little robot legs that you put on your high caloric food so that they can run and hide from you.

The Work For It 2000 on a Jar of Peanut Butter


6. Happy Scale: A scale that lets you write in what you weigh. The best way to lose that extra 5 pounds!

The Scale Lets YOU Decide


7. The Shamu 12’s: A big shoe that looks like a killer whale that also functions as flippers for swimming (Starting at $179.99).

Sizes 16+


8. U R SO BEAUTIFUL vol. 3: A 3 hour long soundtrack that compliments your looks the whole time to fight your body dysmorphia.

“Wow, you have great eyes”- U R SO BEAUTIFUL vol 3


9. Pie Fan: A fan that flows the scent of fresh baked pie to keep you on track for your weight gain goals.

Limited Edition: Blueberry Scent


10. Holographic Running Partner: A floating holographic projector that creates a little dog to run besides you on your morning jogs.

Piper Is Ready for the Morning Run


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