How might we make prostheses or orthotics more adaptable?

My General Ideas

New Warm-Up Game

“This is” is my new warm up game. A sheet of paper is first divided into a grid. Then one person draws three lines on the paper and hands the paper to the person on their left. The person on the left then says “this is…” and explains what the three lines are. They then draw three lines in a new square and hand the page to the person on their left.

Session Organization

Ideas brainstormed from session

In the brainstorming session I organized the participants were Zac, Victoria, Brady, and Sarah. Zac is my younger brother and does filmography. Victoria is a friend of mine and is studying accounting. Brady is a friend of Zac and he studies kinesiology. Sarah is a nurse and a coworker of my mother.

We meet at my younger brother’s apartment and I hosted the session in the living room area of the apartment.

We started the session by doing “This is”, Zip Zap Zop, Word Ball, and Yes And.

After warm-up games we then started the brainstorming and went for around 30 minutes. 50 ideas were generated by the end with an IPM of about 0.42.

Sorting and Voting

Voting on best overall ideas

After 30 minutes I stopped the brainstorming and had everyone vote on the the overall ideas that they liked. Each person had five dots. Then the ideas were organized into 6 categories, and each person had two stars to vote on the best ideas within each category.

Sorting and voting on best ideas within categories

Top ideas

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