Saturday: I’m going to try to walk around and find something random to do with friends. We won’t have a plan or anything but will simply walk in random directions to see if we come across somthing. I feel as though that could be the best way to do something fun that I wasn’t already planning on doing.

Sunday: I will create the mind map and put it onto the web application. From there I will come up with the suggested themes and silly ideas.

Next Week: Post all of it on here.


Do something fun:

My friends at I at our friend’s birthday party

I am not the type of person to go out with people on a whim. I don’t like doing things last minute, I would much rather know what my plans are going to be for the whole weekend before the weekend comes. This past weekend my friends roommate was having all of their close friends at their place for a sort of birthday party. It was right after the football game and I completely forgot about it. So when I decided to go it was about fifteen minutes before we left. That put me well outside of my comfort zone because it was last minute and I’m not a big fan of large crowds. But in the end it was really fun and I was glad I went.

Mind Map (image):

Mind Map

Mind Map (digitization): I created my mind map directly on the website.

Suggested Themes:

I believe looking into resources and medical care could be a good option as a theme because everyone has to have medical care. However, what makes it different for people is the resources they have available to them. This could range from income to location, etc. so while many people need medical care it can be a greater problem for others to obtain the resources that they need.

The combination of technology and medical care could also be an interesting theme to look into. Especially in a world that is constantly evolving and expanding on technology at such a rapid pace it would intriguing to look into that on the medical side. Again, everyone needs medical care and when there are so many illnesses and diseases that haven’t been cured. Yet it can create many problems for those whose lives are affected by it and that’s why the advancements in technology can be so important.

My third idea for a theme would be to look into the relationship of shelter/housing and mental wellbeing. I think it would compelling to see how the type of shelter/housing one has affects his/her mental wellbeing. Mental illness is very common among the homeless population and I am curious to see to what extent ones living situation affects their health.

10 Silly Ideas