Wednesday: Contact the people I want to have my session with.

Friday: Plan out what I want to do during the session and how it is going to be conducted. Also come up with my own ideas to help facilitate the session.

Sunday: Conduct the session.

Monday: Gather up all the information from the session and start blog post.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Finish post.


My General Ideas: These were some of the ideas that I came up with on my own. It has started to get more and more difficult now that we have done these brainstorming activities a lot. I feel as though I can only think of the same ideas I had before. There are some alterations on past ideas and new ones but overall this was a part that I was beginning to struggle with. In one hour I came up with 18 ideas which was an IPM of 3 which was not the best.

New Warm-Up Game: I had each participant try to visualize themselves as the person to the right of them. We then played the different warm-up games we played in class, specifically word-ball, and each person was to think of something that they thought the other person would say. I wanted to try and see how each participant would react to trying to think like another person and how they interpreted each other. It was easy enough when the wife had to act as though she was her husband because they know each other so well but the other participants did struggle, mainly because some of them barely knew each other. I thought this would be a good exercise for the brainstorming because it would maybe make everyone start to look at the people around them and try to put themselves in their shoes. Then they wouldn’t be stuck on thinking of the problems they have and what those solutions could be but instead would think around many different possiblities. We also combined this with a charade-like game and had people try to guess what the other person was trying to act out involving sleep. They liked this one the best but still did well with all the warm-ups used.

(Participants weren’t comfortable with photos.)

Session Organization:We used the “yes and” interview warm up game, word-ball, zip zap zop and the storytelling one all as our warm ups along with the new one I created. We did this in my apartment over the weekend when everyone was free to meet. Including the warm up games, the session lasted about 60 minutes with 30 of that devoted to the idea generation part. Starting out the session, my participants struggled to come in with ideas and only brought a few each. I think they were unsure of what they should be really doing and trying to think of when they hadn’t gone through all of the stuff we did in class. Most of them were thinking too practically which really limited them.

As far as taking photos went, three out of four of my participants asked not to be in any photos. I wanted to respect their privacy but I did take photos of Madie writing on her post-its and organizing them since she didn’t mind. However, for the warm-up game, this made it more difficult because it didn’t exactly make sense to take a photo of one person playing the game.

The participants:

Two of my participants were a married couple in their fifties, Elizabeth and Jim. They both have problems with sleep, some are the same and some are different. They have been together for over thirty years so have become adjusted to each others problems. That was what inspired my new warm-up game by trying to act as though you are in another persons shoes that was there. The woman has insomnia along with the husband. He also has sleep apnea which can be a problem for them both since it will wake her up and then she has to try and wake him up to make him not snore as loud. They have tried many different things to solve their problems but they have yet to find one great solution after many years of dealing with their sleep problems.

(Jim was the post-its with the red marker borders and Elizabeth had the pink borders.)

Another participant is a past student from the University, Colin. He graduated this past year and are now working within their major. He live in the Twin Cities and are still adjusting to the regular 9–5 job. As far as time management before bed, he stays up too late on his computer, watching Netflix, on is phone, etc. and often will forget about the time until it’s super late. Then when he has to wake up in the morning it’s more difficult. He finds that he does have problems falling asleep but admitted that it’s probably because of all of the stuff he tries to get done during the day.

(Colin had the green marker borders.)

The final person was Madie, a sophomore female student here at the U who has to deal with a busy schedule like most college students. She lives in an aparment in Dinkytown with her friends. She doesn’t go out that much so on the weekends she can focus on school and her job. She will often stay up late working on homework and trying to get good grades. Almost every day of the week she has eight or nine ams and will be up late the night before anyways.

(Madie had the purple marker borders.)

Total number of ideas generated and IPM:

49 total ideas generated in 30 minutes. IPM for the group at 0.61

Jim: 15

Elizabeth: 13

Colin: 11

Madie: 10

Sorting and Voting:

Instead of sorting on a door or wall we used my coffee table. Since we used smaller post-it notes they fit well and it was easy for people to stand over and look at all of them with all of us around the table. The participants actually chose this way over a wall. They then did the silent sorting where none of them talked as they rearranged them on the table, which didn’t take too long. It felt as though they were all on the same page as to what they were thinking. Next, they labeled each category. They all decided on rather simple categories because they said they didn’t want the title to limit the category too much. For the voting, they each took the color marker that they had as their border and went around putting “X’s” on the bottoms of the notes as their vote. They were each allowed three votes which we then pulled from as the ten best ideas along with mine from before.

Madie lining up the cards
Madie again
The Categories

Then the voting took place which leads into the next section of Top Ideas the group had.

Voting with the “X” marks

Top Ideas:

There were nine ideas voted on and the redrawn images and the name of who came up with them underneath:

  1. Air conditioned/heated bed

2. Beds with head holes for stomach sleepers


3. Glasses that go dark at night then light up when it is the morning


4. Clock inside the lid of your eyes that goes off like an alarm


5. Walls that will change scenery


6. Robot that takes you to bed from where you fall asleep


7. App to shut down cell phones/computers at a set time


8. Temperature control blanket, cold in morning, hot want up, warm at night


9. Pillow with arms that hugs you


I thought this idea was really cool that Dan came up with so I added it as the tenth idea:

10. Sleep-inducing implant

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