Should Sofia Coppola Stay In Her White Lane? Sure. But That Means Acknowledging Her Racism.
Seren Sensei

Good piece, I don’t care much for Coppola’s films so no loss this is not for me. Still I cannot imagine legitimately being asked to watch a film that “examines,” “explores” or “reflects” any type of gender and power dynamics of white confederate women that does not include a fundamental fact to these women’s lives — these women owned other women. This is inescapable and no is not handled by one line apparently at the film’s start, “Oh the slaves ran off.”

Also yes white directors can stay in their lane but since right now in North America they are claiming ownership of the entire highway should we just give a pass to all white directors to say, “Oh I can’t handle race so won’t cast any people of colour in my period piece.” Didn’t Hollywood just spend decades more or less going through this?