Democrats Who Work With Trump Should Face Primary Challenges
Marcus H. Johnson

Why is the first reaction from Democrats to sink all their efforts into the 30.9% of voters in swing states who voted for Trump/Republican politics instead of trying to court the 36.5% who didn’t vote at all?

On that note, while I’ve never been on the Bernie train and not about to jump on, if Democrats need to send a sacrificial lamb with an olive branch to the swing-states why not let it be him? Is it the fear the Bernie Bros will latch on to his efforts as the face of the party?

As far as focusing efforts on the large amount of swing state non-voters, if Democrats make head way with even 5% of the non-voters in Swing States doesn’t that give them just as a good if not better fighting chance? Those people were obviously not into Trump either, and it really is only a 1000 vote difference between her having a majority vote in the Swing States at least. It was only the third party voter that caused HRC to fall behind there. Why not continue to steer the ship with non-Trump/Republican politics as they are less likely to have much if any success in this direction. That 30% swing state base only slightly more or less always votes Republican anyways, and this is evidenced by the fact that their turn-out was not much different than in 2012 for Romney.