From My Balcony — Detroit

Sunrise over Detroit

Giants slumber beneath the shadows they once cast.
Monoliths, they eagerly await the dawn.
The night has been long, hard and dreary.
In their wait, they have grown cold.
Resolute as they may be, many are void of the life that once filled them.
Lacking purpose, they have found none.
In neglect, they have found decay.
Through your eyes and words, they have found their reflection.
Once named Prosperity, Innovation and Opportunity.
You now call them Blight, Rust and Ruin.

The son rises, a child of its former self.
Yawning, he stretches his ribbons of light from Jefferson-Chalmers to Southwest.
Warmth. Everything becomes visible once again.
Detroit is anew.
I view this rebirth from my balcony and breathe this city into my lungs.
Capillaries open, red blood cells flowing, I absorb this purpose into my body and set out to face a new day.

Every opportunity that lends itself to me is mine. It is shared.
It belongs to all of us here, making a difference through our common struggle.
We pour our souls into this concrete mixer that is progress.
Slow, satisfying progress.

For I am here to say nice things.
I am here to say nice things.
As difficult as that may be…No, not because this is Detroit,
but because it is human nature.
It is human nature to decry and negate that which you do not know. To put down,
and put up this arbitrary perspective that mine is better and yours is worse.
Detroit is no Chicago. Detroit is no New York.
Detroit is Detroit and it would serve you well to remember that.

So, the next time that Detroit touches your tongue, and leaves its gritty, resilient taste on your lips, I want you to smile…

To know Detroit is to know unconditional love. To better Detroit is to matter. To be here doing the work is all that matters.