How do we call you? How do you call us?


Hi everyone!

I had this thought the other day: a Google worker is a Googler, someone who posts videos on YouTube is a YouTuber, on Vine a Viner, people following Lamarr Wilson on YouTube are called Lamartians and so on.

“Why the heck are you talking about it ?”

Well, I think that it’s a nice thing. It gives us the feeling of being part of something. Of a community.

When I see that Adam Koch is a Googler, I think “Yeah, he’s not just a Mr. Nobody. He’s one of the guys who are making Google happen”. Plus, since he’s a Googler and he is using Google+ actively, people can reach out to him and ask him questions easily.

That’s for the workers. But I feel it’s even more important for you! If the users of a service or app are given a name, they feel like they aren’t just users anymore. They are more than that. They are members of a community.

“Great story bro but why are you annoying us with your life ?”

Because, I think we could and we should do that too.

In my opinion, there are 3 types of people in the Andaman7 world.

1) Us. The workers, those who are making Andaman7 possible. Those who are there to help the users (that’s the most important point IMO).

2) You. Every Andaman7 user. Our entire community.

3) The specific users that are in your own circle of trust.

So, if we follow this scheme, we would need 3 names. That’s the hard part… Must be easy to remember and to understand.

For the member of someone’s circle of trust, I thought about “CoTers”.

For the other two, I’m having trouble. Andaman7 isn’t the easiest name for this exercise.

The team in Belgium speaks french and says “Andaman sept”. But I don’t know if the rest of the world will… I think the number will either be pronounced in English or in their native language.

So… Andamanians? Andamaners? AndamanSepters? AndamanSeveners? A7ers (pronounced how you want to) ?

Just an idea I had the other day (yeah strange stuff happen in my head on Sundays).

What do you guys think? Do you have ideas? Do you think 3 names are too much or maybe not enough because you thought of something else?

We want you to help us. Andaman7 is yours. It should be as you want it to be!

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