Dodge to the lonely island with a marine world to explore

Living in Mumbai, one of the busiest cities in the country all I needed was some peace of mind and a place where I could spend some quality time with my college friends with whom I have no contact now. Mumbai the place I live in now is one of the busiest cities in India with a number of building and roads filling the entire place. The city is so crowdedly populated that one will never know the meaning of the word silence and nature in the city. It was mainly due to the stress and busy schedules of work that I decided to take a short break by tripping to a place where I could be in peace. On the 21st of August, I called up some of my best friends back in college and decided to plan a trip to the watery island, the Andaman and Nicobar Island. Finally, on the 26th of August, I with three of my best friends from college set off to the lonely islands availing the Best Andaman tour packages from Mumbai which was organised by the tour operator named Andaman Great Escapes.

The common factor in choosing Andaman as our tour destination was because all of us were living in the busiest cities where people have to run faster than time to make an earning. Two of my friends were from Ahmadabad and from Mumbai. These are cities mostly known to be the business centres in India taking a break from this busy schedules was something very necessary for the four of us at that point. On the 26th of August, all four of us reached the Mumbai airport by 10 am we were welcomed by the tour operators and they helped us greatly with the airport procedures and the items of luggage. After boarding the flight by 11 a, we reached the island by 5.00 pm that day. As soon as we reached the place we decided to check in to the hotel and after refreshing start with the tour of the place. We checked into the hotel with the help of the tour operators by 5.45 to one of the best and most beautiful beach side resort with the picturesque view of the sea ahead. After refreshing, we started with the tour of the place by 6.30 pm.

As it was too late to explore and enjoy the island as I was already getting dark we decided to take a long walk on the beach near the resort enjoying the sunset. The sight of the sun is setting into the sea and the blue sky turning its colour from blue to light yellow and then to red blood with a unique mix of orange and yellow shade was something that would let a shiver run down the spine. Back in Mumbai and Ahmadabad to see a sunset with such mix of colour and freshness in peace was something never possible. The loudness of the busy city and the smoke from vehicles and the pollution will never let you experience the beauty of the sunset. By the time we enjoyed the sunset and the beauty of nature the watches showed the time to be 8.00 pm. after watching the sunset we decided to take a look at the night life of the Andaman and Nicobar Island. The island I said to have the best night life with pubs, bars, and parties organised and offered by different people. By 8.30 we reached one of the loudest bars in the locale. The bar had a number of people in it with some drinking while some dancing to the beats of the DJ. As we entered we were welcomed by the sound tracks and crowd. We then headed to the bar area and ordered a cocktail each and enjoyed the evening with dance and dance. Most of the people in the bar were travelers and tourist who have reached the island with the help of Different Andaman Nicobar tour packages to explore the island or to enjoy the night life and adventure of the island. We talked to one of the travelers who sat near us in the bar and came to know that they visited the island every year to enjoy the night life filled with drinks, parties and different sound tracks that would keep you high and to explore the adventures of the land. By 10.30 we headed back to our resort to refresh and have our dinner from the restaurant nearby. The taste of food in the island is something entirely different from that we use to have back in the city. We had oysters and some sea food tasting the sea and the land. After having the food we decided to get some rest as we had a long day ahead.

We woke up the next day filled with enthusiasm and excitement. After refreshing and having the breakfast we reached started with our tour of the place by 10.30 am. Our plan for the day was to get involved in every adventurous sport available in the land. Our first destination was the Andaman and Nicobar Island. we reached the island after a 30 min ride from the resort by 11,15 am, the tour operators have organised scuba diving in the island where we could enjoy and explore the water life of the island. We were taken as groups to explore the marine life. The guides and the trainers gave us a number of safety tips and signs which we could use the waters. After diving into the waters we say a different world with color, corals and fishes of different shape and color. The underwater flora and fauna is something I would ask everyone to experience in person. The beauty of the waters was beyond words. We were done with the diving by 12.00 pm and were taken to the nearest restaurant to have the lunch. After enjoying the lunch we headed to our next destination to witness the turtle nesting to the coast of the Andaman Island and reached the place by 1.00 pm. the coastal area of the island was home o four different types of sea turtles called the Leather back turtles, Hawksbill, green turtle and the olive ridley. The sight of sea turtles laying their eggs by digging the sand was over whelming. The sea turtles remove the sand from a particular place and after laying the egg in the Pitt they cover it with sand then leave it un-attended. The turtles once hatched find their way to the sea by themselves. After enjoying the sight we reached the next destination by 1.45 to enjoy the experience of trekking.

Exploring the wild life o Andaman is one thing that every traveler should try. The wild life in Andaman is entirely different with unique flora and fauna that I have never seen. After the trekking, we reached back to the mainland by 3.30 pm and go engaged in snorkeling through the beaches. Scuba diving, turtle nesting, snorkeling, trekking, boating, sea walking and game fishing are some of the main water adventure sports that are available in most Andaman tour packages. Travelers from around the world visit the place to explore the waters as water sports are the main attraction of the Andaman and Nicobar Island. After enjoying the snorkeling we headed back to the resort to check out as we had a flight to catch at 6.00 pm. we checked out of the resort after completing the formalities with the help of the tour operators. We reached back to our place by 12.00 am the next day.

Andaman is one of the most beautiful places to where one could escape taking a break from the usually busy city life filled with tension and stress. The island offers you the best experience of a life time with memories that one could never forget. I with friends enjoyed the best moments in the island with each other exploring the waters away from the loud city. The land offers you the best water experience that I would recommend to all busy friends who run behind time.