The Fascinating Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Andaman Nicobar Islands

There has always been a misconception that all that constitutes the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the beaches. But all those who have been on a visit to this Island would have realized that it is not just the beaches but there are also several other sites that make this Island a favorite destination for the tourists. Being on an Andaman Nicobar Tour Packages is more like being on a surprise drive through which you are taken to places that you have never seen anywhere before. The history this land holds also makes it a hot spot for the historians as well as for the archaeologists. Hence the travelers get to enjoy the beaches and the underwater activities along with the other places to sight see. The destinations lay in each of the Islands where people will have to travel by private vehicles, boats and ferries.

One of the prime places that make the Andaman Islands special is the Barren Islands. This place offers the people the sight of volcanic eruptions. From 1787 to this year, the volcanic activities have been recorded. The people can view the active ones from a far distance as it is considered safe that way. This place is a barren land as the name suggests where no humans reside. All that can be seen are some plants that have been growing everywhere and some goats grazing the land and feeding themselves. The travelers who want to see this will have to make sure that they get the permission from the necessary authority to view the eruptions.

Picturesque of Andaman Islands

The next place of high significance is Baratang. People come here for multiple activities, all of which are exciting. The major things are mud volcanoes which have been spotted here. As volcanic eruptions are not a usual activity one can only get to see this from a safe distance to which the authorities take the tourists to. Another major site to visit here are the limestone caves. It is usually a one-day activity as the travelers will have to go in boats to reach the destination. On the journey, people will be surrounded by the mangrove forests. There is provision for easy trekking too. Some people also try some adventures on the Dongi rides which again can only be spotted at very few places now. As one reaches the caves and views it, he might feel like he has been going through caves that have art on it. The natural caves are in fact a splendid view to the eyes. Parrot Island is also a fascination of the place. The only activity here at this Island is to watch the Parrots for which the best time is evening. As the darkness falls, birds fly from different places and gather on the bushy trees that are on the Island. A large number of parrots is what excites the travelers. It is a perfect spot for the bird watchers and bird lovers to be at.

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This Island, in fact, does not even show one fourth of its Islands to the people. Even though people usually come here on Andaman tour Packages, Andaman is the main place of the visit as the tribes of the Island stay at the Nicobar. The must visit places on the Port Blair is the Ross island. The Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is also a place that is of significance. The museum has five sections which are basically about everything that constitutes the Islands. Each of these sections is regarding the marine life, history of Andaman and the people who reside there. To do a clear study regarding the Andaman Islands, this museum is a must visit. Cellular Jail is a never miss destination where people like historians can spend ample time walking through the jails in which Indian Freedom fighters had resided. It is a national memorial where a light and sound show takes place on all working days. The hanging cell and the inner view of the cell evoke patriotism in the mind of the travelers.