The Lalaji Beach and its environment

Lalaji beach is located in Long Island in the Middle Andaman. It is a beautiful beach in the west coast of Long Island. To reach the beach, you have to travel for 1.5 hrs through the mangrove creek that provides a beautiful cruise and your Andaman tour packages from Mumbai is worthwhile. The beach has to be reached by a boat from long island jetty and few minutes’ walk after that. The beach is a long sandy shoreline that gives the view of the sunset very beautifully. You can enjoy some water surfing here as the guarded beach is really very safe. There is so much to enjoy in these beaches as the shoreline has a large number of beaches in every wonderful way. The Andaman tour packages from Hyderabad that you have planned will be the best in your whole lifetime and you can enjoy the sea as much as you want with these packages.