Experience Hard The Exotic Andaman Islands

A large area of 8,073 sq kilometres, surrounded by blue waters, hundreds of inhabited and habited islands ruled by indigenous tribes and loaded with infinite numbers of heavenly destinations and views — This is Andaman. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are a part of union territory of the republic of India. Initially inhabited, later used by British as a penal colony during the British occupation, this group of Islands today is one of the most visited premium tourist destination of India. Famous for its scenic crystal clear white sandy beaches surrounded by sparkling blue water and green rain forests, the group of Andaman Islands is a picturesque perfect travel destination, craved by Gods for the enjoyment of us — the earthly beings. 
Far, far away from the ever running city lives, the indigenous and peaceful cultural lifestyle of Andaman Islands is the experience that tourists can enjoy here. Decorated with thousands of year old colorful coral reefs and adorn by beautiful and near edge of extinct sea creatures such as The Green Sea Turtle, The leather Back Turtle, The Olive Ridley Turtle, sea snakes, jellyfishes, dolphins, Seas of Andaman Islands are the playground of Mother Nature. Andaman tourism packages will assist you to explore true beauty and elegant of these islands. Andaman Islands are well connected with air as well as water routes and travel accommodations are easily available here at budget suited costs. But, before you buy your Andaman tourism packages, here is a list of few most exciting spots of Andaman which you may don’t want to miss. Let’s have a look on them. 
Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island
Previously awarded as “Asia’s Best Beach (2004)” by the TIME Magazine, this beach is one of the most visit spot in the Andaman. Surrounded by turquoise blue waters and lined up by golden sand beach, the Radhanagar Beach is a must to include spot for your Andaman tourism package list. 
Cellular Jail
Best known as “Kaala Pani”, the cellular jail is an infamous remnants of India’s struggle for independence. Located at the Port Blair, this place is recommended to visit, especially for history lovers and also don’t forget to visit Port Blair for a night. 
Viper Island
Famous for its jail ruins used for incarcerate political prisoners and the snakes that inhabit the island, this island is one of the most picturesque location of Andaman Islands. 
Few More Suggestions:
Ross and Smith Island Beach, Lalaji Bay Beach, Long Island, Guitar Island Beach, Marina Park and Aquarium (Port Blair), The Great Nicobar Island, Butler Bay Beach, Casurina Beach, Lamiya Bay Beach, Stewart Island Beach and Limestone Caves (Baratang Island). 
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