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Enjoy an ideal holiday in the beautiful sunny beaches of Andamanisland travels Andaman Islands Tourism, Andaman Nicobar tour package, Andaman Hotels that shimmer like emeralds in the Bay of Bengal. The dense forest which cover these islands and the innumerable exotic flowers and birds create a highly poetic and romantic atmosphere Andaman’s — lesser known island paradise in India. The tree trunks are so thick, surging sea so soft and the song of birds so different. Barefoot in the white, cool coral sand of a beach, you will feel you’re again allowed entry to the Garden of Eden.

Walk on the path leading to Elephant Beach where one coarse marsh meets the sea. Hermit crabs running fast in the crystal clear high tide which floods the forest with gray, twisted trunks and dark air roots. Fish winds its way up the sand as if they just decided to leave the sea and become land animals.

In Havelock, one of the islands in the Andaman Islands, there is a magical sense of natural primieval force and supernatural beauty. You can wade in knee-high water. The toes sinking into the mud and sun burns on the forehead.

You can see piles of green coconuts fresh from the nearby gardens. The cool and at the same time sweet and savory coconut water, moisten the throat and any hint of headache disappears.

Andaman Islands are green islands fringed by white sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise seas. During the colonial period, when the British ruled, the Andaman Islands were to exile rioters. No Indians dreamed of the islands’ beauty. Instead, people shook with fear when they thought of going to Andaman’s. The dreaded journey to the islands was called Kala Pani, which pointed at the multi-day journey across an infinite and dark sea. To be deported to the islands was gruesome. Its Cellular Jail aroused the same fears as the Gulag Archipelago to the Russians.

Today everything is different. For a new generation of Indians gives islands paradise fantasies. Largest target group are Indian tourists, many of them honeymooners, and the ultimate goal is the white sandy beaches on Havelock and Neil Islands, two of a handful of islands that are open for tourists. But before it’s time to dip your toes in the warm sea visiting the remnants of a bygone European civilization on Ross Island.

When India became independent in August 15, 1947, Cellular Jail on the hill above Aberdeen Bazaar Port Blair was closed and turned into a patriotic monument. The aim was to preserve the memory of the struggle for independence, the torture, the harsh punishments of work in the forest and all who languished in the 663 cells. A sound and light show is presented in the night here.

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