An Island Holiday to Remember

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Holidays are total fun and certain holidays are cherished forever. Visiting exotic locations during the tour is only one of the aspects of the holidays. What makes it the most cherished one are the special experiences you get there unique to the place. Our Andaman tourism packages during the monsoons last year was just one such experience of a lifetime. I have always wanted to experience an island holiday but the most of the popular destinations were way too expensive and hence, we had kept it aside for the time being. Last year, one of my colleagues went on this amazing Andaman holidays and shared the pictures with us. That’s what inspired us to book our holidays too. Being a part of India, we had no issues with passport or visa and it was quite affordable too. Just what made it the perfect holiday destination for us! We had a week to spare and wanted to make the most of our time on the islands. So we spent a week on researching the best places to visit and came across a couple of travel blogs which had the most amazing details we were looking for. So we booked our entire week’s tour with Andaman Tourism operators to make sure we got the best of tour packages available.

The Preparations

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As we both were quite excited about the Andaman Tour, we had our bags packed and ready a week before. We had packed light clothes, some basic medicines and first aid, lots of memory cards and extra batteries for camera, and a couple of extra sandals too as we were not sure what we may get in the islands! We had also bought some packed snacks like chips and biscuits since we were planning for a night camping on an island. We also had packed an umbrella and a couple of small waterproof extra bags to pack the wet clothes. Then, it was the quintessential waiting and excitement to board the flight to land in Port Blair and enjoy our holidays.

Landing in Port Blair and the initial days

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As planned, we boarded the plane on a bright morning and I couldn’t keep my eyes off the flight windows looking at the beautiful blue sea down below. After an hour, that seemed like half a day, I could see a glimpse of the scattered group of islands amidst the vast turquoise blue sea. It was an amazing sight and it got more amazing as we got closer to landing. The emerald green island looked like a huge emerald stone within a golden ring of sandy beaches surrounded by the turquoise blue sea. I was awestruck by the sight even before we started our Andaman Holiday Tour Packages. We landed in Port Blair where the climate was pretty cool and decent. The people seemed to talk many of the languages I was familiar with and that made me feel better landing there. Then I realized that this used to be the British colony for a while and most of the inhabitants now were basically from different states of India and hence, they spoke Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali and Punjabi too which made life easier for the Indian crowd. Port Blair was a beautiful coastal city though it was not as crowded as the cities we see in India or the other countries. It was a calmer and more eco-friendly place.

A tour of Port Blair

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It was the ideal place for a tourist to visit. We visited the Cellular Jail, enjoyed a trekking trail through Madhuban and reached the peak of Mount Harriet on our very first day. The second day at Port Blair was the most amusing since we visited the beaches and just freaked out to see the crystal clear water and the beautiful coral formations from the beach itself. We went on a boat to a neighbouring island and enjoyed snorkelling and scuba diving there. We also visited the Cinque Island where we enjoyed the Seawalk which was the most amazing experience to cherish during our Andaman Tour Packages. Being able to touch the seabed and seeing the vivid flora and fauna deep inside the sea was an amazing experience. The elders in our boat who did not want to get wet could also see most of the views through the glass floor which gave them a clear view. This is an experience of a lifetime and one we will cherish for a long time to come!

Camping on a remote Island

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An overnight camp alone on a remote island was one of the planned itineraries of our perfect Andaman Tour Packages from Chennai. So the next day early morning, we had our breakfast, packed our lunch and went on an expedition to Havelock Islands where we spent some merry time on the beaches and then after out lunch set out to the island where we planned to camp overnight. It was a little scary initially when the boat left us all alone in the islands which had a dense tropical forest on one side and some rock formations on the other. We soon realized that the island was totally uninhabited except for some harmless fishes and birds! The tour manager had arranged for the camp and fireplace for the night which kept us warm and safe. It was an amazing experience, being marooned on an island with our loved one! We enjoyed our time with no mobile coverage. The evening sunset and the early morning sunrise were amazing sights to see from the island. By early morning, our boat came loaded with the breakfast and we were happy to be back in our cozy resort after the earthy night alone on the island.

Visiting the museums and national parks

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Happy with our seawalk and island camping experiences, we were ready to explore some more of the islands and set out on a tour of the famous museums in Port Blair. The archaeological museum was stunning and had we been to this museum before our camping, we would not have dared to stay there all alone at night! But apparently, the native tribes prefer staying in deeper and denser forests and never want to come in contact with the so-called civilized people. We met a few other couples who were on a group tour of Andaman Tour Packages from Kolkata and shared our experiences with them. It was their second day and some of them got excited at the idea of staying on a remote island and were enquiring their tour manager about the prospects of the same. We also visited the Campbell Bay national park and Wandur national park in the coming days. The mud volcanoes and limestone caves at Baratang Islands were quite amazing too.

We realized there was much more to explore and promised ourselves to plan another tour, this time with the entire family, to explore the other parts of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.