Remember these when you plan your Andaman tours!

Best Andaman and Nicobar tour packages

Holiday tours can be a lot of fun if well planned and executed. My simple tips below an make sure you enjoy a cherished Andaman tourist packages. The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are tropical islands with many beaches and dense forests. The Andaman Islands are very beautiful though not very developed. The Tsunami of 2006 had a devastating effect on these islands and many beaches and shores were damaged during the Tsunami. Still, the Andaman Islands have emerged to become one of the most popular tourist spots in India. The Best Andaman and Nicobar tour packages are admired equally by families as well as honeymoon couples. The serene environment and the sparsely crowded places make many tourists consider these islands for a relaxing holiday. The Andaman Islands are the perfect place to chill out in an affordable way staying close to nature. Even if you have 3 to 4 days holidays you can opt for Port Blair holiday packages and relax by the beachside and engage in some water sports. The Andaman Islands are famous for its beaches, tropical forests, rare and colourful flora and fauna. These islands make a perfect place for water sports and water adventures such as swimming, scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing, kayaking and sea walk. There’s a lot of trekking, island camping and exploring the uninhabited islands also happening in the Andaman Islands. There are many man-made amusements also in the Andaman Islands like museums, parks and zoo. Some resorts also offer rejuvenating aromatic spa and Ayurvedic massages. There are many historic monuments that are reminders of the foreign colonies which were established before the Andaman Islands became a part of India.

Keep summer clothes and beachwear ready!

Andaman tourist packages
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The Andaman Islands are tropical islands and the beaches there are one of the main attractions. There are as many as 25 famous beaches in the Andaman Islands itself out of which popular cheap Andaman tourist packages usually cover 10 to 12. So do not forget to bring your beachwear. These islands mostly have pleasant and warm climate and hence, the best things to pack are your summer clothes. It will be best to cover your body as much as you can. Mini-skirts and bare shoulders are ok but you may not be comfortable with some people’s stare. Otherwise, casuals are cool. Though you can shop here for clothes, you may not get all sizes and many choices. The price also may vary. So the best option is to pack your comfortable summer clothes and come prepared. Since there are options for water activities and trekking in Port Blair tour packages, pack some extra clothes also.

Keep stock of necessary medicines

Though Andaman tourism does not involve too much exertion, it is always best practice to carry the basic medicines for cold, flu, allergy, sprains, gas trouble and aches. If you are travelling with children and old people, you have to make sure you carry all their necessary medicines. You should also carry your prescriptions if you are on specific medicines. Or else, if you lose your medicine it will be very difficult to buy some without proper prescription. Allergy and sprains are the possible issues that can get you sick here. Since there are tropical forests and rich vegetation, pollen allergy or insect allergy can create issues. Similarly, since a lot of adventurous activities are available here, it will be better to come prepared with some basic painkillers you are not allergic to. Otherwise, basic healthcare facilities are available in the islands though not as sophisticated as in the Indian mainland.

If the guard or warning says to keep away, you better keep away!

Andaman tourism packages

It is rare but if the coastguard or securities warn you to stay away from the beach or a particular site, the best practice is to follow the instructions politely. Some beaches are rough and some islands are dangerous and hence, the authorities may warn you against exploring much into such places. You are in the Andaman Islands to enjoy a fabulous Port Blair holiday package. Moreover, they know the place much more than we do. So understand that the warning is always for our well-being and accept it. Ignoring such warning can put your lives as well as the security’s life in trouble. It can ruin the fellow tourists holidays also. So take no risks and make the best of whatever these beautiful islands have to offer.

Photographs are not allowed everywhere. So picture them in your mind.

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Sadly some tourist spots do not allow photography. We as the tourists should appreciate the local authorities for maintaining the Andaman Islands the way they do with the limited resources they have. Further, after the Tsunami, these islands are slowly but steadily recovering from the damages. We should oblige by the rules of any place we visit. If the site says not photography, please keep your cameras away and for once try to memorise as much you can of what you see in the Andaman Islands. After all, before the camera was invented, that’s what people used to do. It will remain as your personal memory which you do not have to share with anyone! Note down what you particularly like about the place and stick it along with a picture postcard of the place you will get locally.

Forget about work and concentrate on having a good time!

Yes, that’s what you are here for — just to enjoy your holidays and have some good fun which can refresh your body and mind. During your New Andaman tourism packages, have some awesome food, enjoy the beaches, stroll through the forests and breathe in some fresh air, enjoy a little trek through the mountains and forests and definitely pamper yourselves with a luxurious Ayurveda massage. Just sleep, eat and enjoy your holidays!